Type 2 Diabetes Why Vitamin D Is A Diabetics Vitamin

* People with bipolar disorder, often self-medicate, food products, including the “comfort foods” high in saturated fat and sugar, which contribute to both metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. All people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, should immediately have a full physical exam to check the overall co-morbidity, especially diabetes.

Colorado, Minnesota, Montana and Vermont have recorded low rates of diabetes. Vermont records about 1 % for people aged between 30 to 59 and 19% for those aged over 6 The highest rates of diabetes prevalence are in the Southeastern states. Mississippi is the highest with 14 for 30-59 age bracket and 27 for people over 6

These men and women cut their risk of developing diabetes by 30 percent over a two-year period just by losing 10 pounds and keeping it off.

Is pre-diabetes, some experts believe, the largest U.S. health care epidemic. Also known as Syndrome X or metabolic syndrome, a condition that occurs when a person’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to type 2 diabetes diagnosis. From 2009 there are 57 million Americans who have pre-diabetes.To make matters worse, several leading drug used to treat bipolar disorder can cause significant weight gain, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.

Diabetes Tipo 2. Escrito por Paulo César Naoum e Alia F. M. Naoum. Um vídeo da Academia de Ciência e Tecnologia de São José do Rio Preto www.ciencianews.com….

Do not panic if the early warning signs of diabetes turn out to be true. You will probably feel overwhelmed if you have a new diagnosis of diabetes. It is true that there is so much information to digest and understand. Don’t get too discouraged – there is even hope on the horizon for a diabetes cure. In the meantime, rely on your “diabetes team” of experts to provide you the specific information you need, as it relates to your specific condition and health. This will include your endocrinologist (a doctor that specializes in metabolic diseases like diabetes), nurses, opthamologist, physician, dentist, nutritionist, and potentially others. In the first weeks and months after a diagnosis, you may find yourself calling these people frequently! Do so!

Diabetes Control Made Easy, comes forward and exposes what is perhaps one of the BIGGEST scams ever forced upon people suffering from diabetes…Most doctors refuse to tell us regarding diabetes fact.

Most of us tend to think that athletes are mostly healthy and fit, but the reality is that there are a few popular athletes die of modern diseases such and heart disorder and brain tumor at relatively young age. Although we tend to think that they are too young to have diseases such as diabetes, but the fact is that most of them do not really know that they are having hidden symptoms of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose level), not until something goes wrong.

From the above, you are able to trace the risks of you having diabetes. For instance, if you are a black male from Mississippi and have never taken the blood test for diabetes, your chances are higher than a white female who hails from Vermont. However, this does not mean because you come from that state, you have or do not have diabetes. Only a blood test can verify that.

* The stress hormone cortisol tends to increase with both bipolar patients and diabetics. In particular, very high levels of cortisol level was observed in people suffering from bipolar depression. Too much cortisol causes insulin resistance, it is possible that people with bipolar disorder is caused by elevated cortisol diabetes.

So even though diabetes has become a problem for our generation, the future looks bright for diabetics, development of the artificial pancreas could stabilize the disease and perhaps prolong a diabetic life.

Our mantra here at Natural Healthy Concepts is that proper nutrition is the number one key to disease prevention. A simple statement yet so grossly over looked. During American Diabetes Month, we are reminded how much nutrition affects our overall health.

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