Natural Diabetes Treatments

Dibetes type 1 and Diabetes type 2 are the two types of Diabetes.  Diabetes type 1 is usually detected in early adolescence or in most cases from childhood, sometimes in association with injury, illness, urinary tract infection (UTI) or a virus at that early age.  Nausea and vomiting followed by a serious disturbance in potassium blood level is a manifestation that one has diabetic ketoacidosis this could be a result of extra stress from an activity.  Diabetes ketoacidosis could be treacherous and may lead to coma or even death if taken for granted.

It is only a registered dietitian who should help any diabetic with their diet issues. This is because they have the right information that could help have a diet that is in line with the patient’s tastes, lifestyles and goals. It is important to point out at this point that because of this, diet for diabetes varies from one person to the other.

Although diabetes is a lifelong disease but one can easily manage the diases if extra care on diet and lifestyle is taken. Read this article to find simple and effective home remedies and natural treatments that help diabetics control their blood glucose levels naturally.

It is best to talk to your health care professional with regards to having the examination done should you be thought of as a higher than average risk to acquire diabetes. These high risk components comprise of; minimal exercising, being overweight, a record of having diabetes within the family and also being over forty five yrs. old.

Diabetics often suffer from low glucose levels (sugar) in their blood. Low blood sugar levels can make you disorientated, dizzy, sweaty, hungry, have headaches, have sudden mood swings, have difficulty paying attention, or have tingling sensations around the mouth.
Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where either the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin to lower the levels of glucose in the blood (Type 1 Diabetes) or the body cannot properly use the insulin which is produced (Type 2 Diabetes) or sometimes both. As a consequence, the glucose levels become abnormally high (known as hyperglycaemia) thus damaging the cells which the glucose would otherwise be nourishing. Over time the retina, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels can be affected.

More alarming is the recent trend of type 2 diabetes cases occurring in children. This is almost certainly due to the prevalence of overweight children, combined with the shortage of exercise taken by overweight children and the diet they follow that is high in sugar and carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index.

• Blood. High blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides can result from diabetes all of which can contribute to cardio vascular and kidney disease. A blood test at least every three months will enable the monitoring of these levels. An adjustment to lifestyle or medication can usually sort out any problems quickly.

Two types of diabetes:Type 1 diabetes develops when the body fails to produce insulin. This type of diabetes usually appears before the age of 40 and treated by diet and regular exercise is recommended. Type 2 diabetes expands when the body can still make some insulin, but not enough, or when the insulin produced does not work properly. In most cases this is linked with being overweight. This type of diabetes usually occurs in people over 40, although people often appear after age 2 However, recently, more children are diagnosed with the condition, some as young as seven.

If you suffer from diabetes, the noni juice should not be mixed, as the natural sugar in the 100% pure noni juice will not spike your blood level which could happen with a mixture with other juices.

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