Diabetes Reversal And Diet

Diabetes weakens the body’s systems. Bad diet, which played a major role in the development of diabetes, severely disrupts proper colon function. An impaired colon results in massive amounts of fats, bacteria and toxins in the digestive tract. Beneficial flora (bacteria) is lost due to overuse of antibiotics, and medications. Beneficial bacteria is the foundation for the body’s immune system. They normally destroy bacteria and toxins before they reach the liver. Substantial imbalances and reduced numbers have a serious negative impact on health. Blood from the digestive tract is overloaded with undesirables that the liver is charged with removing. Overloading the liver results further impairing its function. The bile ducts become restricted by the accumulation of small gallstones (thousands of them), which restricts the flow of bile to the small intestine. The liver starts to reduce the amount of bile produced, reducing the efficiency of digestion further.

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